Recruitment Agencies and Independent Recruitment Professionals can become Recruitment Partners. Signing up with Wisestep, is easy and rewarding.
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Recruitment Partners can signup for Free. There is no monthly fee or hidden charges for Recruitment Partners.

Recruitment partners can choose to work on the job orders posted by Employers on Wisestep. Upon submission of candidates for those Job orders Wisestep team screens and evaluates candidates beforesubmitting them to Employers. If your candidate is hired by the employer you are eligible for split fee.

For Permanent roles, the split fee ratio is 50:50 with 50% being shared with the Recruitment Partner

Example: If your candidate is hired by an employer at a base salary of $100,000 and Wisestep has a 20% fee terms with the employer, then, you will be eligible for a payout of $12,000 (50% of fee).

For Contract roles, the Recruitment Partner will provide candidates at the buy rate provided by Wisestep.

Fees for the Recruitment Partner will be determined as the difference between the buy rate and the rate payable to the candidate.

Example: If the buy rate specified by Wisestep is $60/hr, then the Recruitment Partner negotiates and agrees with the candidate a payable rate of $52/hr, then Wisestep will pay the Recruitment Partner$8/hr through the length of the contract if the candidate is hired.

Wisestep can also provide pay rolling services if the Recruitment Partner prefers.

For Permanent roles: The payment terms are 90 days from the day of the candidate joining unless explicitly specified otherwise.

For Contract roles: The payment terms are 35 days from the raising of the invoice unless explicitly specified otherwise.

Permanent Roles: Recruitment Partners need to offer 90 days of employment guarantee unless explicitly specified otherwise.

Contract roles: The Recruitment Partners need to offer 30 days of employment guarantee unless specified otherwise explicitly.

The Recruitment Partner will get credit for any action on any candidate submitted by them for a specific Employer for a period of 90 days from the date of submission. The partner may resubmit candidatesfor suitable roles after 90 days. For Jobs with other Employers on Wisestep, Recruiter Partners are required to resubmit the Candidate after taking consent and Right to Represent from the Candidate.

All Payments are made by bank transfer and will be made in the name of the Recruiter Partner Entity or the Recruiter Partner Individual registered with us. To facilitate making payments we may requestsome additional information like bank account information and other federal or state identification numbers based on the Geography in which the payment is to be made. Wisestep, reserves the rightto request any additional information that we may require to make a split fee payment to you.

You are responsible to file your own taxes from the revenue generated from Wisestep. Withholding taxes may be applied as per applicable law.

Wisestep is liable to make a payment only if we are paid by the Employer for your submitted candidate.

Wisestep offers its Recruitment Partners the following benefits

  1. Access to Job Orders from a Large number of Clients without spending a single dollar on sales and marketing to acquire new clients on their own
  2. Access to Job Orders from clients in different Geographies. Wisestep has job orders in North America and across multiple countries in Europe
  3. Access to Job orders that give your Candidates choice. If you have an excellent candidate who isn’t interested in any of your current roles, then you can find them something from the Job orders open on Wisestep
  4. Our Reverse Marketing Feature will submit your candidates to multiple possible job opportunities within the 90 Day Candidate Validity period to help you place more candidates and generate more Revenue.

Yes, Recruitment Partners who have their own clients are eligible to work with Wisestep. If you have some clients common with Wisestep you cannot work with them through Wisestep. However, Wisestephas a huge breadth of Job Orders from many other companies that you can work on.

Yes, it is mandatory to include a candidate’s contact information at the time of submission.

All our clients require the candidate’s information to be submitted to them as part of the submission process, to check for duplication and also to save time in coordination and communicating withcandidates that are shortlisted for interviews.

All Employers, wish to see candidates that they do not already know, hence, if a candidate has already been submitted to an employer then it will be considered “duplicate” for that job order.

Wisestep, will inform the Recruitment Partner about it and will try to reverse market the profile for a suitable role with its other clients.

Wisestep has a responsive team of dedicated Partner Manager and a robust feedback mechanism in place. We provide timely feedback and updates on the submitted candidates to us. Additionally, once the candidates are submitted to the Employer then we will send out weekly status updates to the partners.

We can exclusively assign job orders to Recruitment Partners depending on their area of expertise, prior track record and geography of operation. However, Recruitment Partners need to realize thatthe employers might assign the same job orders to different vendors (in addition to Wisestep). Also, for job orders that have multiple positions to be closed or those that require quick turnaroundtime might be assigned to more than one Recruitment Partner.

Wisestep reserves the right to terminate contracts with its Recruitment Partners, in case of violation of terms, consistent poor quality or inconsistent delivery on its job orders.

Recruitment Partners can terminate the agreement by requesting to close their account.

You can contact Wisestep Team by email or calling us. Follow the Contact Us link.