Wisestep enables Employers to rightsource talent from Expert Global Recruitment Partners at speed. Through our network of specialized recruiters, we can help you find specialized talent on demand at scale and at a lower cost than incurred through traditional hiring methods and specialized headhunters.

Wisestep is the fastest growing network of Recruitment agencies and Independent and Freelance Professional Recruiters that work on different job orders based on their expertise.

For Permanent roles: Wisestep raises an invoice once the candidate joins. This will be a one-timepayment based on the percentage fee agreed between the Employer and Wisestep.

For Contract roles:Wisestep raises an invoice once the candidate completes the minimum invoicing time period post their date of joining the Employer organization. This will be a recurring payment based on the agreed sell rate between the Employer and Wisestep and duration of contract.

Wisestep will find a replacement candidate if any candidate leaves prior to the employment Guarantee period excepts in cases of Termination for cause.

Wisestep offers a 3-month employment guarantee from the date the candidate joins the Employer.

Wisestep screens all CVs based on Employer prescribed criteria and then shortlists a list of top candidate profiles for the job role. Wisestep, has strict quality check mechanism, which is customized based on every Employers talent needs and preferences to prevent CV overload.

No. Employers agree to Terms of Use with Wisestep. Recruitment partners in turn agree to Wisestep’s Terms of Use.

The Jobs are open until the Employer is able to fill them, unless the need for the role has changed. Wisestep is committed to fulfil Employers’ job requirements in the shortest possible time. The Employers need to close a job once a suitable candidate is hired for that role.

There is no limit on the number of jobs an Employer can post. To be active in Wisestep, an Employer must have at least 1 open job in the system.

Turnaround times for Candidate submission are a function of the complexity of the skills for the role, the location, the compensation, the Employer brand and a host of other variables. Wisestep provides quicker time-to-hire than other traditional recruitment methods because of its ability to pull together expert global partners with unique ability to find talent everywhere.

Candidates submitted through Wisestep are owned by Wisestep for a minimum of 90 days from the date of submission. In turn, Wisestep owes a split fee to the Recruitment Partner who submitted the candidate in the last 90 days to Wisestep.

In case a candidate was already existed in Employer database in the last 90 days, then the Employer needs to informs Wisestep stating the reason for non-consideration as “Duplicate Submission”.

As per Wisestep’s Terms of Use, Employers cannot directly contact Wisestep’s Recruitment Partners. In case of violation of the Terms of Use, Wisestep reserves the right to remove the Employer from its Platform and take legal recourse.

You can contact Wisestep Team by email or calling us. Follow the Contact Us link.